Frequently Asked Questions

The Ryde Hospital Redevelopment will enable the replacement of ageing infrastructure and expansion of clinical services to support the growing population of the Ryde and surrounding community. The NSW Government has announced $479 million for the redevelopment of Ryde Hospital.
The redevelopment will provide new and enhancedhealth facilities and services, including emergency, critical care, medicine and surgery, community and ambulatory care (outpatient) services. It will also make best use of the current services available at the Ryde campus, including the Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre and preserving the historic Denistone House.
Early enabling works, to prepare the site for the main construction works, commenced in February 2023.

Main construction works  are expected to commence in late 2023.

Health Infrastructure, which is part of NSW Health, in conjunction with the Northern Sydney Local Health District, is delivering the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment on behalf of the NSW Government.

An Integrated Project Team, made up of project managers, architects and a range of specialist consultants is managing the planning, design and delivery of the project.


The project is in the design phase. The Intergrated Project Team is working on design and delivery phase for the redevelopment.

There are various ways in which you can have your say. The redevelopment team will host pop-up stands at
various stages throughout the project to allow staff and community members to drop in and ask questions. You are also invited to send any feedback, suggestions or comments you would like to raise with the redevelopment team at any time by calling 9978 5411 or send us an email
Noise levels on site will be managed in accordance with the noise control guidelines that are outlined in the EPA Environmental Noise Control Manual for construction and demolition works. Noise will be kept to a minimum as best as possible during the construction period. We will provide advance notice of work to the local community, particularly when we anticipate high noise generating works. Dust as a result of demolition and construction works will be hosed down as required. 
The Ryde Hospital will remain operational until the redevelopment is commissioned. A well-planned and staged approached to construction will minimise impact on the operation of the hospital.
A dedicated Consumer Reference Group made up of interested representatives from the community has been
established. In this setting, a ‘consumer’ is someone who uses Ryde Hospital, including their family and carers.
This includes people who have used Ryde Hospital in the past or who could potentially use the service in
the future.
The Consumer Reference Group (CRG) meets with project representatives monthly, forming a link between
the project team and the community, helping to ensure consumers feedback is considered as part of the Ryde
Hospital Redevelopment.
We also have a pool of Community Design Reference Partners, a group of community members, who the
project team calls on for feedback at various stages throughout the project.

The new development will be a multi-storey hospital building which is designed to be sympathetic to the
surrounding environment and include views to the Blue Gum High Forest.
The final size and shape will be
determined in next phase of design and be subject to the second State Significant Development Application and
informed by community and consumer consultation.

The detailed design of the building, including the exterior, will be worked through further into the design process.

Additional parking for staff, patients and visitors to the hospital will be provided, including a multi-storey car
park. Further details will be provided as the project progresses through the design and delivery phase.

Appropriate public transport links will be considered as part of the design process.

Heritage components of the existing Ryde Hospital will remain and be respected. The redevelopment will make
best use of the current services available at the Ryde campus, including the Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre
and preserving the historic Denistone House.

In addition to the hospital’s ongoing management of the Blue Gum High Forest, the redevelopment team is
ensuring the future development respects the nearby ecological community.

The project will be assessed under a two-staged State Significant Development Application (SSDA).
The first SSDA, anticipated to be submitted in mid-2022 will seek approval of;
  • the proposed size and scale of the redevelopment
  • early construction works
  • demolition of buildings
  • site preparation works
  • relocation and upgrades of in-ground services (e.g electrical and gas connections).
Following feedback received by the community and key agencies, the first SSDA was resubmitted to the Department of Planning and Environment and was available for public exhibition in late January 2023. 

The second SSDA is expected to be lodged in late April or early May 2023, seeking approval of;
  • hospital building detailed design
  • a multi storey car park
  • main construction works.

During the public exhibitin periods, you can make a submission via the Department of Planning and Environment who will publicly exhibit the State Significant Development Application Environmental Impact Statement. It is a comprehensive technical document that provides information on potential environmental impacts of the development and how these impacts can be appropriately mitigated.

The public exhibition process is one opportunity you have to provide feedback on the planning for the Ryde
Hospital Redevelopment and have your say through the formal submissions process.

To lodge feedback on the application for the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment (during the public exhibition period), please follow the formal process managed by Department of Planning and Environment as outlined on the NSW Planning Portal (major projects website)

If you would like to speak to a member of our redevelopment team, please call 02 9978 5411 and we will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions.

You are also invited to send any feedback, suggestions or comments you would like to raise with the redevelopment team at any time via email

To keep up to date on the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment, please visit the contact us page and request to subscribe to our newsletter.