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Consumer Reference Group

A key priority of the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment is to conduct thorough and effective stakeholder engagement throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure it meets the needs of all sectors of the community.

Following an Expression of Interest application process in late 2021, the Ryde Hospital redevelopment established a Consumer Reference Group (CRG). Membership applications were assessed by a panel of project representatives and hospital executives and were based on areas of interest, expertise and connections with the local community.

The CRG met for the first time in February 2022 and continues to meet monthly to provide their feedback and discuss key project milestones, next steps and potential impacts to the community.

There are several ways in which you can have your say on the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment:

Ryde Hospital Redevelopment - through the eyes of a consumer

In this video, CRG member and long-time Ryde resident Warren Smith, talks about his involvement in the project and what he is most excited for with the new Ryde Hospital. 

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How to build a hospital

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